My journey to heal Trigeminal Neuralgia the incurable illness

 I am going to go back to 2016. I’m sitting at my kitchen table when ZAP I feel an intense electric jolt go through the left side of my face. I had no idea what it was so I just continued on with my day forgetting it even happened, until the next day when it happened again and continued to happen. The pain getting consistently worse as time went by. I was scared! I had no idea what was happening to me. 

 The next thing I knew the Days had turned into months that I dealt with the excruciating, stabbing, electrocuting pain. It really feels like a big blur to me now when I look back. Maybe because I was drugged up and practically living in the bath tub or Maybe I’m subconsciously blocking it out. I don’t know but I do remember the pain and the multiple times that I went to the ER begging for some pain relief and to know what was going on with me. They did blood tests and eventually an MRI which came back negative for MS which they thought could possibly be causing it and told me that everything looked good.

 During this time I’m sitting on the hospital bed in agony barely able to talk without feeling jolts of pain through my head. Finally a doctor came in and told me that they’re pretty sure I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. Ummm what??? And that’s exactly how I left feeling too. He hardly told me anything about it except for that it’s caused by nerves, to go see a neurologist and not to look it up online.  Oh and they gave me something for the pain which I’m pretty sure was gabapentin. I got switched from medication to medication so it’s hard to remember. Gabapentin,tegretol, and carbamazepine which all had horrible side effects! 

 When I got home the first thing I did was look it up because I needed some information and wow did I have a mental breakdown. I called my love and bawled my eyes out due to the fact that all over the internet it says it’s incurable. That I would have this pain for the rest of my life!! That it’s called “the suicide disease”, that it’s the worst pain known to man and the only way to treat it is drugs and surgery that could possibly go wrong or not even work!!!! Talk about panic attack! He tried to calm me down and tell me that he’s sure it’s not as bad as I think but oh it was. 

 What could I do though? Nothing so I took the medication hoping and praying it would help and On top of having horrendous pain in my face and head I was also completely out of it from the drugs. I was anxious, moody, disconnected, depressed, foggy,  exhausted and not myself at all! Oh and not to mention putting on weight, which was another lovely side effect of the meds.

 At that point I started doing my own research and found topiramate (topomax) which I read made people lose weight and that some people  took it to help depression and some took it for trigeminal neuralgia. I figured I hit the jackpot because I myself could use some help with my depression and weight gain. It did start working and eventually the attacks went away. My neurologist did fail to mention what happens when you get off of one drug and replace it with another. It was not a nightmare.  I wish I had been forewarned so I at least knew what was happening to me.

 Anyways even after the TN went away I kept taking the topomax because I thought that if I stopped I would get it back. In fact I took it for a whole year and was still taking it when the trigeminal neuralgia came back again! 

 At the time it came back I was going through the most traumatic experience of my entire life and was extremely heart broken and depressed so I started wondering if all the emotional pain and stress caused it to come back. I remembered not being in the best place emotionally when I first got TN even though having the love of my life pass away far transcended any pain I’ve ever experienced. I wondered if it was linked to stress and heartache. 

 As I moved back into the tub to keep warm, avoiding the cold and everything else that would trigger attacks I researched and researched to see what I could find on TN. What was really causing it? Success stories? If anyone was able to heal it? Etc. etc. I didn’t find much and It felt hopeless. I felt that my life was over. It got to the point that I couldn’t talk, eat, sleep, or barely even move around. My mom had to take care of my 4 year old. I couldn’t hold her or answer to her when she called for her mommy. It broke my heart and was hard on her too. I felt so helpless and discouraged and was in constant pain. Staying in the tub from morning until night, not being able to talk or eat or drink, or barely even move was torturous. I felt paralyzed. My heart truly goes out to anyone that has to live that way. It’s awful. I wanted to jump out of my body. I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t want to go on any longer. 

 As far as I could see Everyone was just taking the drugs given to them, attempting surgeries, sometimes multiple surgeries when the previous ones failed, and just attempting to live with it. It looked and felt hopeless. I knew I couldn’t live with it. That’s actually the reason I’m writing this because I hope that it reaches as many people with TN as possible so that I can give you all some hope and another route besides Being medicated and surgery.

 Anyways as I lay in the bath tub I was doing some internet surfing being the only thing I really could do. When I lost connection… for the entire day. I was frustrated and bored so I figured I would read a book. When my nerves calmed down for a minute I went to pick a book. I grabbed one that I had been wanting to read for a while but then I felt like I heard my loves voice saying “no baby put that down and grab the healing code, you can read that later but you need this one now” it was emotional and my heart filled with love. I knew he was watching out for me and I listened to him.

  My aunt gave me the healing code for my birthday the year before and said that when she was getting another gift for someone else she had a strong feeling to get it for me and save it for my birthday but I had never even opened it up until then. 

 The healing code is about a doctor with a strong faith that tried for years to heal his wife until one day when he was given a vision of these certain hand movements held over different parts of your head and neck and a certain prayer that is supposed to heal your emotional wounds which in turn heal your physical illnesses. It’s the idea that anything painful emotionally that has ever happened to you even as a child will come out in some sort of physical pain if not dealt with. Which I do believe in.

  So I started doing the healing codes multiple times a day every day. I had some really enlightening moments and felt like it was helping to sort out my emotions about everything that was going on. When I first started doing the codes my attacks got worst for the first couple of days which he says in his book will happen at first as part of the healing process and then the attacks started getting less and less frequent and didn’t last as long until they went away all together. I feel like healing Goes beyond the physical. I feel like it’s also a mental, spiritual, and emotional thing. It’s all connected so if one of those things is out of whack it can cause us to get physically ill. I believe it’s all about balance. So I was very thankful for the healing codes at that time. I was also very appreciative of all the little things that I could once again do that we all take for granted like brushing my teeth, drinking water, and touching MY face. I was able to have control over my own body again.  

 I religiously took the topomax due to the fear that if I stopped it would come back and before the healing codes I actually upped my dosage to help with the pain. It didn’t help but now I was on an even higher dose which was not good at all. Topomax was not the miracle drug that I thought it was. It caused lots of unwanted side effects. For one I felt completely brain dead. Over time I realized that I couldn’t even communicate. My brain was completely fogged and I would lose my train of thought mid sentence. My family noticed that I was really different too. I was depressed and not myself at all. Apparently people call topomax dopomax because of those negative effects. 

 I got really disappointed to read about people all over the place taking it for weight loss and depression when it has such negative side effects. How it’s being prescribed for those things is beyond me. It’s like everyone is on some sort of ridiculous medication that’s been prescribed to them when there are so many healthy alternatives that they could be taking without all the nasty side effects. I understand that some people are in so much pain and they need the quickest relief possible. I’ve been there but if you can try a healthy alternative you most definitely should. Just because a doctor or a therapist prescribed it doesn’t mean it’s safe! 

 Eventually after about two and a half years of dopomax I was doing an angel card reading and felt that I heard his voice again telling me it’s time to get off of my medication. So again I listened. I was scared that I would get the TN back but I took my chances and weaned myself off of it. The only thing that happened was that I became me again. My family mentioned that I sounded, looked, and laughed like myself again. Isn’t that strange that it can even change the way you laugh? Imagine what it does inside your body? Medications are not our friends. 

 After that I was drinking a lot and eating whatever I wanted I will be honest. It wasn’t good but I was trying to drown out the pain of losing my other half. That continued for a while until my family and I heard about the medical medium and we’re told to get his books. I bought the medical medium by Anthony William and gave it to my mom as a gift as she herself was going through a lot due to having breast implants. She read it and long story short got me and my dad on board. 

 Anthony talks about how our bodies can heal themselves if we give them lots of fruits, vegetables, and greens. He also says everyone should drink celery juice upon waking up and take his detox smoothie with wild blueberries, spirulina, bananas, cilantro, dulce and orange juice to remove the metals from our bodies. He has been guided by spirit ever since he was little and has saved so many lives. He talks about a 28 day fruits and vegetable cleanse to heal your body, mind and soul Which I felt I needed so I started the cleanse.

 He says to eat raw fruits and vegetables the entire time but I did some cooked some raw. About a week into it I got my first small attack from the TN and then of course they progressed into something worse. I panicked. I thought I’d have to get on some horrible medication again or get the surgery even though I’d read that a lot of people’s surgeries didn’t work. 

 Then as I was surfing the net, once again back in the bath tub I decided to type the medical medium trigeminal neuralgia into google and lo and behold I found a podcast completely dedicated to the cause and cure of trigeminal neuralgia… I cried listening to it. It filled me with light and hope just to hear what is actually causing This pain. That it’s a version of the shingles virus. A virus that CAN be healed!! If we don’t feed the virus what it wants like eggs, dairy, gluten, MSG and fats it will die off because it will have nothing to feed on. 

 Also if we take supplements to heal our bodies like B12, zinc, loposomal vitamin C, lysine, and many more we can fight it. So I kept on doing the cleanse and taking the vitamins and without any medication at all my attacks got shorter and were less painful than the last two times I had TN and They’ve only continued to get better and better.

 As of right now I’m 28 days into the cleanse and I get anywhere from 2-6 attacks throughout the whole day and I’m able to sleep through the night again. Also the attacks are short jolts. They’re still painful and I can’t wait until they’re gone but my attacks before would last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour long. They were all day and agonizingly painful! 

 I’m so extremely thankful for Anthony William and spirit for what they have done for me and so many others!! I urge everyone who has this horrendous illness to get Anthony’s book the medical medium or just look it up to find the cleanse online and listen to his podcast about TN. In fact I urge anyone that’s dealing with any illness or that just wants to become more healthy to Look into what Anthony William has to say. He has another book about cleansing the liver and healing the thyroid which I have not yet read. All I know is that the things I’ve tried from the medical medium are working! 

 As of Now I’m going to do a week of raw fruits and vegetables with no fats meaning no avocado, nuts, or oils. I’m hoping it will get rid of this once and for all. He says that if you give your body a break from breaking down and digesting fats then it can work on healing the parts of your body that really need it. If this continues to heal me then I am going to keep eating a lot of fruits, veggies, and greens and taking my vitamins. I will also slowly start incorporating things into my diet like beans and gluten free grains and eventually I’ll allow myself to splurge and have a piece of pizza every now and then because who wants to miss out on that for the rest of their lives!? This isn’t an overnight fix or something that will just mask the pain like the meds do. This is something that actually heals the root of the problem so I can be patient.

 I do now know that everything we put in our bodies is extremely important so I won’t allow myself to abuse my body and get to the unhealthy point that I got to in the past. Our bodies fight for us everyday and we need to fight for them!

 If you guys would like to hear what happens with my healing journey let me know and I will update you! Thank you for reading my story I hope it can help all of you out there struggling with this life altering virus!

Able to smile yet another day